Sanxenxo, tourist heart of the Salnés region.

Sanxenxo, tourist heart of the Salnés region.
Everything is designed for the leisure and entertainment of tourists.

It has a privileged location, in the center of the Rías Baixas, and under the influence of a microclimate that makes it special.

Sanxenxo has become in the tourist capital of Galicia (always behind, logically, Santiago de Compostela).

It is a perfect destination to take as a starting point, and from there get to know a large part of the Galician coast, as well as several of the most important cities in Galicia.

Sanxenxo boasts of offering all visitors a large number of leisure options (beaches, landscapes, water sports, adventure, shopping, gastronomy, parties,...), thus becoming one of the favorite destinations of tourists who visit Galicia.

It is the capital of the municipality and tourist center par excellence, it is located in a large bay on the Pontevedra estuary.

With 36 kilometers of coastline, Sanxenxo today is the municipality in Spain with the largest number of Blue Flag beaches.

In the town of Sanxenxo there are several beaches, but it could be said that the most representative are: Silgar and Panadeira, both with very fine white sand, like all those of the Pontevedra estuary.

You can find more information on the tourism page. https://www.turismodesanxenxo.com/

tourist heart of the Salnés
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