Sálvora Island

The island of Sálvora is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, located at the mouth of the Arosa estuary, Galicia, Spain. Separated from the mainland by a distance of about 3 km to the north. It occupies an area of ​​about 190 ha, and has a maximum height of 71 meters. Almost the entire perimeter of the island is rocky, with the exception of three beaches of fine white sand. Since 2001 it has been part of the Galician Atlantic Islands National Park.
It was a refuge for pirates and corsairs until the 19th century, it is the only island that can be visited in the Sálvora archipelago.
If you want to visit the island of Sálvora you should know that, as it is such a special excursion within a protected environment, only 125 people can disembark on the island daily.

sálvora island

As with the rest of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia, trips to the island can be made by private boat (for which it is necessary to obtain prior navigation permission) or by boat rental, with one of the shipping companies that carry out periodic boat trips to this island.
It offers several walks and tourist routes through which they discover the most magical corners of its history. One of the issues to take into account before visiting the island is that it lacks basic services (health care, bathrooms, drinking water, etc.) as well as litter bins, so it is important to bring back to land sign the possible waste that we will gene
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