the virgin of the Stone

The image of the Virgen of the Stone is one of the best-known monuments in the municipality of Baiona. It was built in granite on the stones of Mount Sansón by the great architect Antonio Palacios from Porriñán, author of outstanding buildings and architecture in the modernist style. The work was inaugurated in 1930, it is 15 meters high and represents the Virgin holding in her right hand a boat-lookout which is accessed by an internal spiral staircase made of the virgin of the stonestone. The face and hands of the Virgin are made of white marble, the work of Ángel García, and her crown was made of porcelain.

The intention of its builders was that the monument would serve as a reference for navigators, and they certainly succeeded. From the viewpoint located next to the Virgen de la Roca you can enjoy these magnificent views of the Ocean.
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