The enchanted forest of aldán

The mysterious Enchanted Forest of Aldán

The mysterious Enchanted Forest of Aldán

It is a classic in the lists of abandoned places in Galicia. It could be said that its appearance, between bucolic and mysterious, leaves no one indifferent. The Enchanted Forest of Aldán, also known as Finca de Frendoal or Casa do Conde, is one of those magical corners that abound in Galicia and that turn a simple walk into an extraordinary experience.

Located in the Pontevedra region of O Morrazo, it is a thick forest that evokes ancient legends and contains a magical castle partially covered with moss and undergrowth that immediately makes us feel like the protagonists of a medieval story.

The Enchanted Forest of Aldán

The main attraction of this forest is the small Castle of Frendoal or Casa Torre de Aldán which, as in fairy tales, has two battlemented towers, a moat around it and even a drawbridge, which is only partially preserved. Although it seems that we are facing a medieval castle, its construction is quite recent, from the 60s, and it was never finished, hence its unfinished appearance consumed by moss and deterioration.

Interestingly, it is this state of abandonment that gives the castle a magical and mysterious aura to which are added the numerous vines that climb its walls, the thick vegetation that barely filters the sunlight and the stone benches that surround it. , ideal for taking a break enjoying the charm of the forest.
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