Baiona, an obligatory stop on the portuguese coastal road to santiago.

The town of Baiona stands out on the Portuguese Coastal Way, a town with beautiful views where many pilgrims decide to end the seventh stage in order to enjoy the town, while another pilgrims decide to continue to the town of Ramallosa.

The municipality of Baiona is located south of the Rías Baixas, in the province of Pontevedra and the metropolitan area of ​​Vigo. Tourist and seafaring at the same time, Baiona has an area of ​​34.47 square km and a population of 12,130 inhabitants who enjoy a climate with mild temperatures throughout the year. The municipality is made up of five parishes.

The history of Baiona is closely linked to the Discovery of America, since it was the first European port where the event was announced. This is where its famous Festa da Arribada comes from, which attracts hundreds of visitors every March. Its Fortress of Monterreal, today converted into a luxury parador and can be visited in part, dominates the entire town and is one of the emblems of the municipality. Beaches, mountains, the old town, good seafood and vertiginous viewpoints culminate a perfect stay in one of the most touristic towns in the Rías Baixas.

Did you know that Baiona was the first European port to receive the news of the discovery of America? On March 1, 1493, the caravel Pinta docked in the port of Baiona, captained by Marín Alonso Pinzón, to report on the historic event, which has marked the town of Baiona forever.

a ladeira, en baiona.
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