Pedrafita do Cebreiro

The road Frech  is perhaps the most popular route among all those that have emerged over the years (and also the most crowded), cataloged as one of the most beautiful. This path that starts from Roncesvalles, enters Galicia through the O Courel mountain range, through O Cebreiro, a mountain village where the pallozas stand out (houses, stables, barns...traditional in this area, with a round shape). Do not miss either Pedrafita do Cebreiro, the neighboring village, where you can enjoy a snowstorm in winter, these landscapes are perhaps the most beautiful of this Galician part of the Camino.

It preserves all the charm of the towns of the Pyrenees. Bears, chamois, deer and many other animal species await you in a beautiful forest in the heart of the Pyrenees.

Piedrafita rises in most of its territory above 1000 meters, being one of the highest places in Galicia, even without having great peaks, except for the O Piornal, Rañadoiro and Chao da Serra mountain ranges, which ascend above 1300 meters. Despite the altitude, the mountains are gentle and constitute an undulating landscape, made up of valleys and mountains.

The religious importance of this step was reinforced by the legendary miracle of the Holy Grail, which occurred in O Cebreiro, since then an obligatory step for Jacobean pilgrims.

The pass also had great importance in the War of Independence, due to its strategic position between León and Galicia.
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