Betanzos: the capital of Galician Gothic

Betanzos: the capital of Galician Gothic

Betanzos belongs to the province of A Coruña, with around 13,000 inhabitants. Located in the area of ​​the Rías Altas, with an old town in which its notable Gothic monuments stand out.

Betanzos is part of the As Mariñas area, an enclave of contrasts between the seafaring, rural and urban traditions. An area in which we highlight its wines, festivals, fairs and traditions.

Betanzos has suffered a dethroned provincial capital of the Kingdom of Galicia. It retains that stately air that only cities with grounds have.

Following the itinerary of the Jacobean route, the River Mandeo is crossed by the Ponte Vella and the town is accessed through one of the three medieval gates that are still standing. It is the Puerta da Ponte Vella, where in the past, the weight control of merchandise destined for sale in the market was carried out.

You will be able to visit a medieval fortress, a historical complex made up of noble houses, temples and civil architecture. A mix of gothic heritage and modernism that persist in the city.

It is one of the most important stops on the English Way of Saint James in the province of A Coruña, 71 km from Santiago de Compostela.

We recommend you visit the Church of San Francisco, the Church of Santiago and the Church of Santa María do Azogue, they are all jewels of Gothic architecture. Betanzos also has several Galician country houses, an old medieval wall and a beautiful park with the iconic sculpture of the Lion of Betanzos.
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