Cangas do Morrazo

Cangas is a municipality in the province of Pontevedra that belongs to the Morrazo region, it is located between the Vigo and Aldán estuaries.
Its wild sandbanks and the charm of its fishing districts make it a point of interest in itself, without forgetting its archaeological riches and its gastronomy.
A good place to carry out water activities in the estuaries that surround it: the Vigo estuary and the Aldán estuary.


The town of Cangas, especially its monumental area, has an important artistic heritage that is increasingly valued. Cangas was nothing more and nothing less than a fishing village in which both its inhabitants and the area's stonemasons built homes, buildings and temples that combine maritime architecture with medieval construction.
Walking through Cangas means finding its fishing port, its stone houses, its stone crosses and its squares.
There are many attractions in Cangas but its 35 beaches are the jewel, it is not because of the quantity that its people boast the most, but because of the quality, those of Cangas are authentic beaches of fine sand. And it is that in this privileged corner of the Rías Baixas, each stretch of coast is unlike any other, offering new and surprising sensations full of great beauty.
Perhaps that power of fascination resides, to a large extent, in the unusual circumstance that Cangas overlooks two estuaries, each with its own marked personality, but both of unparalleled beauty. Without forgetting the beautiful coves such as Menduiña, Sartaxéns, Francon, Areacova, Arneles, Pinténs, Castiñeiras or Areabrava, bathed by a calm sea.

playa de liméns

Another attraction of Cangas is its gastronomy, the main seafood products consumed and exploited in the area are: barnacles, razor shells, scallops, sea urchins, octopus and all kinds of fish. The barnacle is the king product of Galician shellfish and, without a doubt, the best in the world is raised in these waters. All this is accompanied by an excellent Albariño wine, which will delight your palate.
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