Malpica is a municipality in Spain located in the province of La Coruña (Galicia), located 52 km from the provincial capital (La Coruña) and within the Coast of death. It belongs to the region of Bergantiños.
Narrow and steep alleys with the smell of salt and the sea everywhere. On one side the port with its fish market, its boats... and on the other the beach with its white sand, its tides...
And in the background the Sisargas Islands. It seems that you are in true paradise.


An ideal place to go for a walk with the family, as it also has many exquisite places to eat, especially to try its famous barnacles.
Malpica has a large fleet of purse-seine and catch-of-the-day boats that await each task in a port equipped with unbeatable infrastructures (ice factory, new fish market, netting warehouse, large unloading port, sheltered dock for small boats) . Typical of the Malpican port, and a unique trade throughout Galicia, is the presence of the boatmen, or taxi drivers of the sea, who every afternoon transport the sailors from the wall to the fishing boats in their boats.
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