Muiños do Folón e do Picón

We continue with the selection of places of interest in Galicia and this site deserves a special mention (although it could also be in an article on natural places to visit in Galicia).

muiños do folón
This trail can be done in a couple of hours and is recommended for the views on the way up and for the time of the descent, where the path changes its course to pass next to a river and a series of old water mills of the 18th century located in a cascade.

This small route will make the visitor enjoy an attractive tour of the well-known Picón and Folón mills, now declared Assets of Cultural Interest. These constructions, located within this municipality with a beautiful and fragrant name, sit on slopes that serve as a magnificent viewpoint over O Rosal.

The mills stand out for the imposing marvel of traditional engineering that they show, as well as their apparently fragile pole of balance on the coasts where they are located. In addition, its environment, carefully cared for, allows you to see a multitude of plant species especially favored by the bonanza of the microclimate of the area.

In 1998 the “historical ethnographic complex of the Molinos de Folón and de Picón” was declared a site of cultural interest by the Xunta de Galicia. Now, the mills are ceded by their owners to the municipalities of O Rosal for tourist exploitation.

The recent homologation of the hiking route by the Galician Mountaineering Federation under the name of PR G-94, has made them increasingly well known.

The circular route, about 3.5 km long and about an hour and a half long, is easy and very well signposted. There's no way to get lost! In addition, there is a map of the route next to the mill-information point and a few more along the way.
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