Roman bridge of Ourense

This bridge over the River Miño is one of the icons of the city and another of the most important monuments to visit in Galicia. The original bridge was built by Emperor Augustus, although it was later repaired in medieval times and rebuilt after a collapse in the 17th century.

The Roman bridge of Ourense known as Ponte Vella or Puente Mayor, over the river Miño.

puente romano ourense

Its importance is such that it is represented on the city's coat of arms, although with a tower. This existed and was demolished in 1839.

Its usefulness remained without competition as the only means of crossing the river until well into the 20th century, exactly in the year 1918, the date of inauguration of the second bridge.

For many centuries it was known simply as the Puente de Ourense or Puente Mayor, as opposed to other smaller bridges. Today the names of Puente Viejo and Puente Romano coexist.

The history of the city of Ourense is linked to the history of this fantastic and historic bridge, which was declared a historical monument by decree in 1961.
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