Fonsagrada, the largest municipality in Galicia and the highest point in the community

Nature rules in Fonsagrada, the largest municipality in Galicia and the highest point in the community, where its mountainous areas, its mighty waterfalls, its magnificent natural viewpoints and its villages with traditional architecture stand out.

The sacred spring, which gives its name to this Lugo municipality full of history, let yourself be seduced by this privileged environment through which the Primitive Way passes, between spectacular mountainous landscapes and beautiful river valleys where it is possible to escape and reconnect with oneself.

The local holiday is September 11 (Santa María).

The history of the place then revolves around the Primitive Way of Santiago, which enters the town hall through high of Acebo, crossing the town of Fonsagrada, center of devotion and a must-see at the chapel of Santa María, where there was a hostel and a fountain, whose name (Fontem Sagrada) could be the origin of the toponym "Fonsagrada". Finally, the route leaves the town hall through the village of Paradavella.

Its location on the Jacobean route gave rise to the construction of various hospitals for pilgrims, such as the one in the village of Montouto, ordered to be built by Pedro I “El Cruel”, in the mid-14th century: the Royal Hospital of Santiago de Montouto was built next to from another older one, which was run by hospitaleros until the middle of the 20th century.

Another element that links this town with the Camino is the Fuente Sagrada, an emblematic symbol from which the place name Fonsagrada possibly comes and around which it is believed that purifying rituals were carried out before the pilgrimage passed. Within the Christian legends, he was attributed a relationship with the Apostle, he turned the water from the fountain into fresh milk so that a widow who had hospitably attended him would have food for her children, who were cold and hungry in the middle of a harsh winter. .

On the outskirts of the capital, the forgotten fortress of Pobra do Burón was the center of power in the mountains of Lugo and Asturias for centuries. Today it is one of the many hidden treasures hidden in the municipal territory of A Fonsagrada.

A Proba de Burón was the capital of a council of a large territory that included part of A Fonsagrada, Negueira de Muñiz and Ribeira de Piquín. It remained that way until the mid-1930s, when the capital became A Fonsagrada.

As for its landscapes, we must highlight Pena do Inferno, a spectacular river beach where you can take a good dip or disconnect from civilization.

pena do inferno
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