Mondoñedo is within the Camino del Norte to Santiago de Compostela recently included in the UNESCO Heritage. D. Álvaro Cunqueiro, the most illustrious man of

The enchanted forest of aldán

It is a classic in the lists of abandoned places in Galicia. It could be said that its appearance, between bucolic and mysterious, leaves no

the virgin of the Stone

The image of the Virgen of the Stone is one of the best-known monuments in the municipality of Baiona. It was built in granite on

Sálvora Island

The island of Sálvora is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, located at the mouth of the Arosa estuary, Galicia, Spain. Separated from the mainland

Rodas beach

Rodas beach is the largest of the Cíes Islands, it is located on the Island of Monteagudo. In the Cíes Islands (Galicia) is the living

Cape Finisterre

Finisterre is a cape located on the Spanish Atlantic coast, in the Galician municipality of Finisterre. Cape Finisterre forms a rocky granite peninsula located on

The Pincheira Waterfall

The Pincheira Waterfall is a natural attraction that no tourist visiting O Barco can miss. In addition to being a natural waterfall about 25 meters

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