Our history


Aviturga aspires to become the meeting forum for owners of tourist homes in Galicia, to be a spokesperson for their interests before the Public Administrations and the natural channel of collaboration with other organizations and companies linked to tourism promotion Galicia.


Our origin

Aviturga, the Galician Association of Touristic Housing, was born 2016 in Portonovo (Pontevedra), birthplace of holiday rentals in Galicia for decades, due to the interest of a group of owners of touristic homes to organize themselves and give voice to the new accommodation model that was growing rapidly worldwide due, among other elements, to digitalization and globalization.


New regulation

At the beginning of the year, the Xunta de Galicia (Regional Government of Galicia) regulates housing for tourist use, defines its characteristics, requirements and incorporates them into the Register of Tourism Companies and Activities of the Public Galician Tourism Agency.
Open days
From that very moment, we started to help our associates in their regularization process and organized throughout Galicia open days to all audiences to inform this new type of accommodation


School for hosts

Host school
We are committed to the training and professionalization of associates, who turn their houses into the temporary touristic homes of tourists who visit us, become hosts of our land and show the richness, culture and diversity that is still hidden in Galicia.


In more than 100 locations

In 2018 we reached autonomous implantation. We are present in more than 100 locations; we have associates in all the cities of Galicia and all the tourist areas of our community, both coastal and inland.


VITGAL, the online reserve platform of Galicia

We are committed to innovation and new technologies that could improve the profitability of touristic housing. That is why we have launched VITGAL, the first tourist online housing reservation centre in Galicia.