enhance Galicia as the

first-class tourist

destination that we are

President’s letter

At the end of 2016 we saw the need that existed in Galicia for owners of tourist accommodation to have their own voice, given what was already an evident reality, globalisation, the widespread use of the internet to plan holidays and, above all, the change in preferences when choosing where to stay, was creating a new type of accommodation that was here to stay.

Since that date we have been committed to defending the interests of this new group, with a long tradition in Galicia, which was incorporated into the tourism regulations of the Xunta de Galicia in 2017, helping them in their regularisation process and supporting them in improving the quality they offer to their guests.

We are pleasantly surprised with the interest of the owners of tourist homes, since the number of members has not ceased to grow, true protagonists of this new modality of tourist attention that shows the richness, diversity and culture of Galicia, making known the best of our land and of ourselves.

For all this, from Aviturga we will continue working on projects that help the development and professionalization of our hosts, and also to establish channels of collaboration with all institutions, organizations and companies whose aim is to increase the number of people who visit us every year and promote Galicia as the first class tourist destination that we are.

Estamos muy contentos con los servicios y asesoramiento ofrecido , totalmente recomendable…
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Siempre al pie del cañón. Un equipo que emite continuamenre información de última hora y de primera mano…
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Asociación eficaz y eficiente, siempre pendiente de sus asociados.
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