Services for associates


Aviturga offers professional services to our associates in order to strengthen the sector and help them prosper as hosts.

20Per semester

  • Professional services for a burgeoning sector.
    •    Information
    • Representation
    •     Legal compliance
    • Training
    • Innovation

Interlocutor with the Public Administrations.

Since its constitution in 2016, Aviturga has become the benchmark in our Autonomous Region, Galicia, when it comes to talking about the reality of touristic homeowners. We are the association that works as an interlocutor with the Public Administrations.

Committed to the quality of tourist housing

Aviturga is committed to the quality of tourist housing in Galicia and the services offered by its members. It organizes training activities and offers new technological tools of interest to its members.

Permanent and personalized information

Aviturga offers permanent and personalized information to its associates to help them in the procedures of regularization of the touristic housings and also fiscal information so that the owners can fulfill their tributary obligations.

Opening of Galicia to new tourist markets

We believe in the orderly growth of our tourist homes sector so we will be present at forums, fairs and promotional events which seek to open Galicia to new markets of both national and international tourists.


Aviturga collaborate closely with related to the tourism sector, always seeking excellence. Its collaborators are one important pillar of the association.