island of laurels

Who has seen a forest of laurels? Not everyone can enjoy something like this, for this you have to come to Galicia. Because something like

Cliffs of Loiba

In the north of the province of A Coruña we find one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of the Galician coast. I assume that


Malpica is a municipality in Spain located in the province of La Coruña (Galicia), located 52 km from the provincial capital (La Coruña) and within

Main Square, Ourense

The main square is the meeting point in the city, the heart of the historic quarter. With an irregular shape and the peculiarity of being

Roman bridge of Ourense

This bridge over the River Miño is one of the icons of the city and another of the most important monuments to visit in Galicia.

Muiños do Folón e do Picón

We continue with the selection of places of interest in Galicia and this site deserves a special mention (although it could also be in an

Cangas do Morrazo

Cangas is a municipality in the province of Pontevedra that belongs to the Morrazo region, it is located between the Vigo and Aldán estuaries. Its

The Way of the Lighthouses

The Way of the Lighthouses, more popularly known as ‘O Camiño dos Faros’, is an incredible and wonderful hiking route that runs through much of


Tui has great historical importance, it has been the capital of one of the seven Galician provinces and one of the most important cities in

Pedrafita do Cebreiro

The road Frech is perhaps the most popular route among all those that have emerged over the years (and also the most crowded), cataloged as

Sarria, Lugo.

Sarria is an important town in the province of Lugo (about 9,000 inhabitants in the urban area) of great importance on the Camino de Santiago,

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