We offer a range of professional services to our partners with the aim of strengthening the sector and helping you to thrive as a host.
At Aviturga we are committed to property owners. We offer them legal, fiscal and technical advice to solve their concerns related to the new regulations and how to legalise their properties for tourist use.
Housing for
tourist use
in Galicia
City councils
with VUTS
in Galicia
VUTS on the
Santiago route


Interlocutor with
public administrations

We are the interlocutors with the Public Administrations.

Since its constitution at the end of 2016, Aviturga has become the reference point in Galicia when it comes to talking about the reality of holiday home owners. We are the association that works as an interlocutor with the public administrations.
Meeting at the Xunta during the pandemic


and personalised information

We offer personalised information on regularisation and tax procedures.

Aviturga offers permanent and personalised information to its members to help them with the regularisation of their properties and tax information so that owners can meet their tax obligations.


Committed to the
quality of services

We are committed to the quality of the services offered by our partners.

Aviturga is committed to the quality of tourist accommodation in Galicia, which is why it organises training activities and offers new services of interest to its members.


Opening of Galicia to
new tourist markets

We participate in tourism promotion events in which we seek to open up new markets.

We believe in the orderly growth of our tourist accommodation, which is why we will be present at forums, fairs and promotional events in which we seek to open up Galicia to new markets for both national and international tourists.
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