Rodas beach

Rodas beach is the largest of the Cíes Islands, it is located on the Island of Monteagudo.

In the Cíes Islands (Galicia) is the living example of the paradise that we find in the National Park of the Atlantic Islands.

Rodas beach was declared the best beach in the world by the British newspaper The Guardian, it is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful examples of nature and life that can be found on the coast of Spain, a spectacular rest of white sand and crystal clear waters and a one of the best reasons to visit the Cíes Islands.

From Vigo, Bayona or Cangas del Morrazo you can get there by boat in less than an hour.
Las Cíes can be visited from June to September and on weekends with good weather. There is a daily visitor limit.

rodas beach

Provisions: public services, surveillance and first aid, public address, restaurants, camping and information booth
Lifeguard post: July and August every day from the arrival of the first boat until the departure of the last. June and September during the weekends.
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