Sarria, Lugo.

Sarria is an important town in the province of Lugo (about 9,000 inhabitants in the urban area) of great importance on the Camino de Santiago, since it is not only on the French Camino de Santiago, but is also a meeting place with the Camino del North.

In addition, Sarria has become for many pilgrims on the Camino the beginning of their journey, since it is located 112 kilometers from Santiago, making it the last place from which one can start and obtain the Compostela if the route is covered. on foot or on horseback (100 kilometers are the minimum to obtain it).

From here, there are five stages of the Camino Frances left to reach the finish line, an ideal number for those who want to complete the route in less than a week.

There are many places we can visit to discover and enjoy Sarria to the fullest. Many of them have to do with religion since it is a town closely linked to the Camino de Santiago. A clear example of this is the church of Santa Mariña de Sarria, which dates from 1885 and captures the attention of everyone who enters the city.

Another place that you cannot miss in Sarria is its fortress. From this point of the city you will get a unique panoramic view of Sarria and you will be able to learn a little more about its history. There you will find the remains of an old castle from the 13th century that originally protected pilgrims.

Finally there is the church of San Salvador. This religious building of Romanesque origin is a clear example of Sarria's medieval past and stands out both for its history and for its architectural value.

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